What to Look for When Buying Used Cars

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What to Look for When Buying Used Cars

What to look for when buying


Buying a used car is a practical option for anyone needing a reliable car at a more affordable price. Many used cars have low miles on the odometer and are still in near-perfect condition with excellent performance, appearance, and all the latest features. However, used car purchases should be done carefully to ensure you are buying a good quality, undamaged vehicle that provides you with many miles and years of performance.

At Rairdon Volkswagen in Everett, WA, we ensure every buyer finds the perfect match. Keep reading as we share what to look for when buying a used car and how to ensure making the right decision.

Used Car Buying Guide

When buying a used car, knowing everything about the vehicle before purchasing is essential. You want to choose a good make and model and confirm that the vehicle is still in perfect working order and that its performance meets your needs.

Research Reliable Brands

First, consider which models make the best used vehicle purchases. Some vehicles age better than others. Volkswagen is well known as a highly reliable brand, with many beloved models of VW still on the road after decades of daily use as family or commercial vehicles. When shopping for used cars that are built to last, Volkswagen embodies what to look for.

Consider Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles

It is also important to check that the used car you buy is Certified Pre-Owned by the manufacturer and dealership. CPO means that a certified Volkswagen mechanic has fully inspected the vehicle, and the dealership puts its reputation behind its quality and performance. This is essential for used car buyers because it removes the uncertainty of buying a car whose performance you cannot know beforehand. Rairdon Volkswagen guarantees that all certified pre-owned VWs will give the performance you’ve come to expect from well-maintained Volkswagen cars and SUVs.

Check the Vehicle History

Vehicle history is one of the necessary things to check out when buying a used car. This is because a vehicle totaled and repaired is far less reliable than one traded in after a few months of gentle use. You must get the entire history of a vehicle before purchasing, something a reputable dealership will offer you as part of buying a certified pre-owned Volkswagen.

Inspect the Exterior and Interior

Used cars are more likely to show signs of minor wear and tear. A few dings to the paint job or scuffs to the interior are normal, but your tolerance is up to you. Know what to look for when buying a new car when you inspect the exterior for signs of damage and the interior for imperfections. Large dents may be suspect, a few scuffs may help lower the price, or you can look closely for a pre-owned vehicle that is still nearly pristine.

Go for a Test Drive

Always take a car for a test drive before buying, whether the vehicle is brand new off the lot or you are buying a used car. A test drive will help you determine if you are comfortable in the driver’s seat and like the handling and interior features, and it will also allow you to confirm that every feature works the way it should before you buy.

Determine a Fair Purchase Price

Finally, determine whether you are getting a reasonable price on the used cars you are considering. Like-new vehicles with just a few miles on the odometer will be closer to new model pricing, while certified pre-owned Volkswagens with a few more miles and scuffs will provide a better value for a car that still offers excellent performance, longevity, and modern features you can enjoy.

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We can connect you with financing options and may be able to increase your purchase affordability with incentives and rebates. Whether you are in the market for a used car or upgrade to a new VW after exploring your options, the Rairdon’s VW team is here to make your purchase experience a complete success.

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